Tough times at Treasure Hill


PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Tuesday, November 22, Treasure Hill – Stableford

A return to the program saw the players joining together at Bert’s for the trip to Treasure Hill in goodly numbers.  As is usual, the aroma of coffee percolating through the room and of golfers tucking into breakfast made it a normal golf day at Bert’s.

So off to Treasure Hill and as usual we travelled up there during what can only be called the rush hour.  Mind, once onto Route 7 we normally zoom away, but on this day it was very busy so the trip took a little longer than usual.

Arriving at the course we noticed the parking area nearly empty so maybe we would have a clear run.  So a quick change and onto the course where it was one of those days you know it was going to be tough.  It was blowing a gale and we were straight onto temporary tees.  Seems like a lot of repairs are going on at present and we were off these weird tees several times, however this course is nothing if not severe test of golf.

The scribe Derek Brook (at his age) holding onto the bar with Alan Sullivan, Brian Parrish, Mick O’Meara, Pu ‘The Boss’ and the ‘New Girl’.  The scribe Derek Brook (at his age) holding onto the bar with Alan Sullivan, Brian Parrish, Mick O’Meara, Pu ‘The Boss’ and the ‘New Girl’.

So away we went on a layout that was hard, difficult and just generally very testing.  And did we have a straight run?  No of course we did not.  If there is one more group on the course it always is in front of you and it is always slow.

Still we ploughed on to challenge the fast greens, fairways that were well grassed and rough that was tough, until we finally wended our was to the changing rooms (where we had hot water), and from there into the restaurant that is well priced with reasonable food.  Then it was into the cars for the drive back to a packed Pattaya and to Tropical Bert’s.

Back at Bert’s it was soon time for the results and the one noticeable thing was that no one shot their handicap.  Indeed the scores were really low, validation of the difficulty of the day.  In the A Flight, 0 to 16, the winner was Brian Parrish with 35 points ahead of Alan Sullivan in second with 32 points, and in third was John Binns with 31 points ahead of a gaggle of players on count back.

In the B Flight the winner with 33 points was yours scribe (Derek Brook) who found himself playing in the second tier; amazing how Father Time finds us all out.  In second place was Steve Middleton with 32 points and in third was Mick O’Meara with 30 points.  Then it was back to Happy Hour.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pins:  Tony Berry, Gavin Kelly, Kevin Dunne, Dick Warberg

Long Putt:  Al Laurie, Gordon Clegg