Balfour wins back to back


PSC Golf from The Billabong Golf Bar

Monday, May 25, The Emerald – Stableford

With only a small field playing Emerald it was off to an early start for an easy four hour round.  The course was in great condition apart from the greens which were very heavily sanded.  I know it must be done but there didn’t need to be this much sand left on them, however the rest of the course made up for it. 

A big thanks to Mal Farquharson for looking after the lads on the Capt’s day off.  The winner on the day was Steve Balfour with a fine 33 points while the rest of the scores will remain secret to preserve the reputations of the players.

There were two ‘2’s, coming from Auke Engelkes and Mal Farquharson, both on the same hole.

Friday, May 29, Plutaluang (East & South) – Stableford

Playing our monthly scramble at the Navy course with a two-tee start and the 15 groups were away on time for a slightly slow round but all in all it was a great day out with some of the best scores seen in recent months.

Friday winners: Kevin Wild, Steve Balfour, Karen Craigie and Alan Beck.Friday winners: Kevin Wild, Steve Balfour, Karen Craigie and Alan Beck.

The course was in great condition as usual and the day was not too hot, with just a little breeze to make it a pleasant day out.

Coming in fourth place were the defending champions from last month, Ramsay Smith, Rick Culley, Clive Bruce (who had to be rescued from the highway after a break down) and Ted Gardner with a score of 58.8, which under normal circumstances would have won hands down.  Taking third place was the team of Brian Maddox, Phil Waite, Jonathon Pratt and Campbell Potts (better known as Pottsy) with a score of 58.4, edged out of second by the quartet of Arch Armstrong, Keith Johnston, Derek Mower and Willie Mercer with a score of 57.9.

Taking line honours today was the team of Steve Balfour, Karen Craigie, Alan Beck and Kevin Wild with a great score of 56.8, though that is not the record as there was once a score of 55.4 which Greig Ritchie and his team scored many months ago.

Note: The Billabong is situated just off Siam Country Club Road looking straight down Lake Mabprachan.  Give Bob a call if you are looking for a game on 082 204 3411.