Armistead back with a bang

Glenn Armistead & Donal McGuigan.
Glenn Armistead & Donal McGuigan.

The Tara Court Golf Society

Sunday, Sept. 16, Green Valley – Stableford

1st Donal McGuigan (18) 38pts

2nd Rusell Gilroy (17) 33pts

3rd Craig Hitchens (12) 33pts

4th Joe McArdle (17) 33pts

A much more enjoyable round here today at Green Valley. Although as usual we gave the group in front of us a head start of over thirty minutes, we caught up with them on the ninth where they were playing as a five-ball. I think the Marshall spoke to them and then they split up to two and three-balls and after that they went round very quickly so we all got finished in a sub three and a half hour round.

Again no rain today and the course was in very good condition except for a few of the greens, especially the tenth which has a few very bad spots on it and needs attention. Donal McGuigan won the medal last week and he was the winner again today, this time with a very good thirty eight points. We then had three players a full five points behind Donal and on the count back Russell Gilroy came second, Craig Hitchens was third and Joe McArdle got the fourth and last place.

We had no ‘2’s today so a good carryover to next week.

Tuesday, Sept. 18, Treasure Hill – Stableford

It had been a few months since we last played at Treasure Hill and most were looking forward to try and tame what is a very hard but fair course. The car park was nearly empty on arrival and we were able to get away about 1/2 hour early. With no one in sight it was a fast 3.30 hour round.

The course was in great condition but a very fine layer of sand covered the greens which had been spread the previous week.

Today we had some-one beat his handicap (a rare feat here) and one play to handicap. In first place Glenn Armistead (17) had 38 points and continued the streak of players returning from a trip back home and winning first time out. Russell Gilroy (17) had a fine 36 points for second place, Kevin Blake (9) was third with 33 and in fourth place was Jerry Sweetnam (9) with 29 points.

Glenn and Russell added to their winnings by recording the only ‘2’s of the day.

Thursday, Sept. 20, Burapha – Stableford

1st Russell Gilroy (17) 37pts

2nd Lyle Blaw (12) 33pts

3rd Pete Seil (7) 33pts

We were on the C and D courses here again for our usual game here at Burapha today. I t was a very hot and humid day and a bit uncomfortable for playing. The heat obviously didn’t affect Russell Gilroy as he came out a clear winner with thirty seven points, a score which would have been better if he hadn’t picked up what was a tap in putt for a point on a par-five when he mistakenly thought he was playing a par four.

Our next best scores were thirty three points and here Lyle Blaw, who was playing his last game for this trip, came second on the count back and also to make sure he went home with even more money he also had the only ‘2’ of the day. Pete Seil lost the count back to come third.