‘Arm’ Sorrachet Uayporn, Thailand’s top soft tennis player, participates in the 5th AGEL World Tour Soft Tennis Championship at the Royal Cliff’s Fitz Club in Pattaya.

The inaugural Takhiantia motocross race day proved popular with participants and spectators.

Takhiantia residents were urged to exercise and get dirty at the subdistrict’s first motocross race day.

The municipality’s Manop Prakobtham opened the March 17 event at Takhiantia Field. The competition was split into 27 brackets that gave everyone a chance to participate.

Manop said motorcross is an increasingly popular sport, so the subdistrict organized an event to encourage locals to get out and exercise and do things together.

Organizers Somchai Boonchan and Witoon Intieng charged an application fee of 400-500 baht with proceeds going to the subdistrict’s education fund.

Racers compete during the qualifying rounds.