Andy M. wins big at Emerald


The Backyard Golf Society

On arrival at Emerald golf course for our weekly game we were yet again greeted by rain, which seems to be happening every Friday at the moment.  But never mind, everyone seemed up for it and with 8 players this week we set off just after 9 a.m. and after a wet front 9 holes the rest of the round was fairly dry.

Mike C. did his level best to have the lowest points total but after racking up a miserable 4 points on the front he recovered for a total of 15 which puts him tied for second within the society for the lowest score ever.

Andy M. gave up his fatherly duties for the day and proceeded to clean up by taking the game, nearest the pin and 12 skin prizes.  The remaining skins went to Martyn (3), JJ (1), and Bob G. (1) with one rolled over to next week.

To finish the day a few drinks were consumed to commiserate with Bob G. on his impending trip back to the UK next week!