Trevor Schirmer is best of the week


IPGC golf from The Haven

Monday, August 29, Pleasant Valley – Stableford

CSS 71

1st Trevor Schirmer (15) 38pts

2nd Warren Gallop (12) 37pts

3rd Alan Hanlon (12) 35pts

4th Rodney Hayes (11) 34pts

5th Shuichi Kodaka (18) 34pts

After a fairly long hiatus the group from Soi 13 returned to Pleasant Valley where they found a warm welcome and a new pricing structure that was more in line with the reality during this particularly slow low season.  Even though the course is perhaps almost the furthest away from base, with the new road system out of central Pattaya and all roadworks on the Bangkok motorway finished, the journey time is only just over 30 minutes in good driving conditions.  All the foregoing factors now bring the course into the “regularly played” category for the future.

Even though the recent experience levels were low, the scoring was of a high order with Trevor Schirmer especially taking advantage of the relative shortness of the course to return his best result for some considerable time, enabling him to take the win by a single shot ahead of Warren Gallop.

Trevor Schirmer.Trevor Schirmer.

Warren had obviously taken note of some of the lessons that he has handed out as a teacher of golf at a Chinese University, to get back in under handicap for the first time in over a month, although to be fair he has been suffering from an illness that has badly affected his abilities recently.


Alan Hanlon took third spot continuing with the good form that he brought with him from England earlier in the month.

Rodney Hayes seemed determined to get a final mention as he won a count back over Shuichi Kodaka for fourth by a margin of 19 to 17 to underline his undoubted tenacity.

There were no 2’s in either division.

Before presenting the prizes The Doc welcomed back Alan Pilkington and gave a final farewell to Rodney Hayes who was returning to Oz to sort out his handicap among other things.

Wednesday, August 31, Bangpra – Monthly Medals


Division 1

1st Alan Hanlon (12) net76

2nd Warren Gallop (12) net 78

3rd Rick Allison (3) net 82

Division 2

1st Shuichi Kodaka (18) net 76

2nd Rod Howett (22) net 81

3rd Mark Armstrong (22) net 86

Allan Hanlon.Allan Hanlon.

Having had the monthly medals at Phoenix cancelled due to extremely heavy rain and an early waterlogged Phoenix on the previous Friday, the medals had been re-scheduled to Bangpra as it was determined that this would be a stern test of golf under stroke play conditions.

So it certainly turned out to be, as the scoring started high and went even higher, as the players found the combination of heavy going through the green and the usual very tricky greens almost too difficult to handle on the day.  With the best net score of the day four over handicap in both divisions it was to be a day of attrition for even the hardiest.

Alan Hanlon’s gross 88, although not the lowest gross of the day, produced the winning score for the first division by two clear from, the now super competitive, Warren Gallop just behind in second place.

Rick Allison, having struck the ball well all day, had the best gross of the day but found the conditions a little more than he could handle on his first visit to Pattaya and had to settle for third.

Shuichi Kodaka came good again to claim his second medal of the year with a four over handicap score that easily took the second division medal by five clear ahead of Rod Howett, with Mark Armstrong lagging another five behind in third.

Shuichi Kodaka.Shuichi Kodaka.

Alan’s win ensured that he will be able to compete in the year end Gold and Silver Medal rounds to be held in December, which are open for all the year’s medal winners.  Shuichi, having already booked his spot earlier in the February Medal, ensured that there will be one less competitor in his division.

There were no 2’s once again in the first division but Mark Armstrong saved his best tee shot of the day for the 180 yard 17th to land the ball near enough to be able to slip in the only 2 of the second division.

Before the presentations there was a farewell for Rick Allison after a trip from Oz that had been badly curtailed by the weather.

Friday, Sept, 2, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

CSS 71

1st Wayne Marrell (15) 36pts

2nd Trevor Schirmer (15) 36pts

3rd Yoshitaka Iketani (19) 34pts

4th Shane Heavey (17) 32pts

5th Brian Kelly (20) 32pts

The monthly visit to Pattaya Country Club is always eagerly anticipated as it is the nearest course to home and therefore maximizes the time available, post golf, to enjoy some of the pleasures of the city.  It is also a very friendly course to play, from the time the player checks in until the staff wave goodbye following a very pleasant day’s golf.  Although not designed by one of the top names in golf it still poses a reasonable test of without unduly trying the full range of the golfer’s ability, it is always a pleasant day on the course.

Wayne Marrell turned in the sort of round that he was expecting, having arrived from Oz with, and complaining about, one of those new handicaps which he was sure was a least three shots too high following the recent change in the handicapping system in Australia, which even with the latest tweaking, is still seen to be out of step with the old system by between three and five shots.

But even though his level handicap round was good enough for the day’s top honours, he had to win out in a grueling count back with Trevor Schirmer, after they had both ended the day on 36 points.  He did just that with a final 3 points on the last two holes as they had previously tied the nine at 16, the six at 10 and the last three at 5 points each.

Yoshitaka Iketani slipped into a clear third place with a two over handicap return, two behind the leading pair and two ahead of the fourth placed Shane Heavey, with Brian Kelly finishing in fifth after losing the count back with Shane by a margin of 18 to 14.

Once again there were no 2’s in the first division and also none in the second division.

Before making the presentations The Doc welcomed new members Wayne Marrell, Jennifer and John Fisher, Thomas and Raymond Crosby, David Simpson, Alan Mawer, Grant Ashcroft and Paul Ruhl.

There were also welcome backs for Shane Heavey, Mick Lowe, Ron Kerslake and Yoshitaka Iketani.

Note:  The Haven group now departs Soi 13 at the earlier time of 9 am until further notice.  If you would like to play with the group you can contact mobile 082 219 0965 or call in to the hotel at 185 Soi 13 between Beach Road and 2nd Road.  All transportation to the course is arranged and you do not need to sign up prior to the day, but you should be there by 8.30 on Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays and 9.00am on Sundays on the days you wish to play.  A schedule of courses to be played can be found on our web site at