Alain is Eastern Star


PSC golf report from The Growling Swan

Tuesday, July 31,Eastern Star – Stableford

The usual scribe is on his biannual trip to Australia for some R & R which will include free medical examinations courtesy of the Aussie taxpayer.  As a result the “Drut” is the chosen instrument to report on the activities for the next few outings which hopefully will also appear in August chronicles in the fair city of Pattaya.

Prior to tee off Graham Buckingham was asked about his chances of tackling this testing layout and gaining a podium finish.  He replied, “about as much as locating a dry raincoat in England.”

Alain Taddei. Alain Taddei.

Despite Graham’s reservations fifteen golfers faced the starter with the same relish as renowned entertainer Meatloaf having an unimpeded run at the party pie table.

The weather was pleasant with a cooling breeze for most of the journey and the course in excellent condition, whilst the greens putted truly despite having been sanded a few weeks prior.

Playing from the yellow tees the first group completed the journey in four hours and ten minutes.

Only one grade today and Alain Taddei with forty one points gave the field a gentle reminder of his ability in a manner not seen since the biblical youngster David showed Goliath some close quarter combat skills.  In second place was Bent Agerbo with forty points, Stu Rifkin with thirty six points was third and Mike Gosden, who is a member of the Gosnells Golf Club in Perth, Western Australia rounded out the podium also with thirty six points.

1st Alain Taddei (19) 41pts

2nd Bent Agerbo (21) 40pts

3rd Stu Rifkin (16) 36pts

4th Mike Gosden (11) 36pts

Near pins went to Stu Rifkin on the 3rd whilst Peer Bruun had a mortgage on the remainder taking out all three on the 6th, 13th and 17th.

Long putts saw Peer Bruun and Stu Rifkin successful.

Frank Donnelly, who briefly flirted with the thought of a podium finish, confirmed his status as the Growling Swan’s most honest golfer in winning the Coveted Compass Cap with a display that made Australian federal politics seem as steady as a one legged tight rope walker tackling Niagara Falls.

July monthly competition winners were Martin Todd in the Consistency Two’s and Stu Rifkin in the R.Soul award whilst Sandy Leiper triumphed in the prestigious Coveted Compass Cap of the month trophy.

Deefa the dog was the happy recipient of many donations for the needy of Pattaya.