A tough week on the fairways


IPGC golf from The Haven

Monday, March 4, Khao Kheow – Stableford

CSS 74

Div. 1 (0-15)

1st Phil Groves (7) 37pts

2nd Bob Heath (12) 35pts

3rd Mike Armstrong (15) 33pts

4th Neville Duncan (10) 29pts

Div. 2 (16+)

1st Al Rolnik (19) 33pts

2nd Mike Hill (22) 32pts

3rd Trevor Schirmer (17) 32pts

4th Frank Dunstan (25) 29pts

What is surely one of the best conditioned courses in the area right at this moment proved to be a stern test for the hopefuls out of Soi 13, with the CSS for the day moving put to 74 over the A & B courses.  This was due mainly to the gusting wind which appeared not to be helping on any of the holes, especially the par five second on the A course that did not give up a single par on the day, and with the 185 yard par three and the stroke index 1 to follow in quick succession not many of the players got off to a good start.

Al Rolnik.Al Rolnik.

Phil Groves returned the best of the day in the first division, after what proved to be the best round of the week and the only one under par against handicap, to win by two from Bob Heath, who is playing unusually well this trip.  Mike Armstrong took third another two back, with Neville Duncan in fourth place trailing well behind the leader but with many stragglers below him on the score sheet.

The second division was a triumph for Al Rolnik whose steady start was sufficient to see him home even with a unsteady finish that saw him garnering a meager five points from the last four holes, with one of those accounting for four points as he slipped in a very nice ‘2’ for four on the par 3 island 17th.

Mike Hill took second spot after winning a count back over Trevor Schirmer with a better 17 to 16, with Frank Dunstan taking fourth another three back.

Al Rolnik took the second division 2’s pot whilst Neville Duncan had his usual one to claim the first division.

Prior to the presentations there were welcome backs for Bob Lamond and Todd Pahl.

Wednesday, March 6, Treasure Hill – Stableford


Div. 1 (0–15)

1st Pat Prendeville (15) 33pts

2nd Bob Heath (12) 32pts

3rd Kevin Blake (5) 32pts

4th Neville Duncan (10) 31pts

Div. 2 (16+)

1st Markku Tynell (26) 34pts

2nd Trevor Schirmer (17) 30pts

3rd Hal Hart (24) 30pts

4th Frank Dunstan (25) 29pts

Markku Tynell.Markku Tynell.

As usual the extremely tough Treasure Hill layout from the white tees proved too be just a little more than most of the entrants could manage comfortably, with the pins set in the smallest parts of the greens on almost every hole.  When this was added to the length of over 6,700 yards it made for a very tough day for scoring and it was no surprise to find that the CSS had gone out to 75 and the day had become non-counting for handicap purposes.

It may prove a better day out for the next outing to use the yellow tees at approximately 6,400 yards to ensure a counting competition.

The first division was led in by Pat Prendeville, who struggled for the first six holes amassing just seven points but covered the homeward half much better scoring 19 points, which included a blob, to take his first win out of The Haven by a single point.  There was a count back for second that Bob Heath won, to take his second podium placing of the week, with a better 9 to 8 on the back six after he had tied the nine at 13 apiece with Kevin Blake, leaving the latter in third place on his last outing before returning to the UK for a bit of a rest.  Neville Duncan slipped into fourth place after winning a count back over Alan Hanlon with a better 19 to 16.

Markku Tynell’s fine two over handicap return on such a difficult course was well worth the win in the second division as he was faced with at least two wood shots on all holes, except the par threes, and which still left a bit to go, but he had a very good day with his short game which was enough to take his first win for a very long time.  Trevor Schirmer struggled into second place after winning a count back against Hal Hart with a better 19 to 14 after having a distinctly quite outward nine.  Frank Dunstan had another result sliding into fourth spot just one behind those two but ahead of many others.

There were no 2’s in the second division but Bob Heath and Neville Duncan (of course) shared the first division.

Back at The Haven there was a welcome for Bas Coleman together with welcome backs for Pat Prendeville, John Sutcliffe, Brian Randall and Wilf Wellman.

Friday, March 8, Phoenix – Stableford

CSS 74

Div. 1 (0-15)

1st Erik Donnestad (4) 34pts

2nd Phil Groves (7) 33pts

3rd Neville Duncan (10) 32pts

4th Pat Prendeville (15) 31pts

Div. 2 (16+)

1st Markku Tynell (26) 35pts

2nd Ole Stamnes (27) 33pts

3rd Seppo Sadeharju (25) 33pts

4th Mike Korney (19) 32pts

Erik Donnestad.Erik Donnestad.

If the players who took off for the always popular Phoenix Golf Club, where the Lake and Ocean nines awaited them, thought that they were in for a much easier day than on the two previous outings earlier in the week, they had a rude awakening when the day was done and dusted and the scores returned and tallied as the CSS went out yet again to 74.  The wind had once again been the undoing of the majority of the rounds even after the course had been found to be in tip top shape from tee to green and  with the greens as usual first class.

Erik Donnestad at last reconfirmed his pedigree with a win on this tour, albeit by the slimmest of margins ahead of Phil Groves who had been determined that his last outing would be a winning one but sadly fell well short of the form he had displayed when winning earlier in the week.  Phil had to settle for second place ahead of Neville Duncan, who has become one of the usual suspects during this visit, taking third and Pat Prendeville fourth after winning a count back over the out of form, but big hearted nevertheless, Jim Slattery with a better 17 to 15 on the last nine.

The second division was once again headed by Markku Tynell, who set up a personal record with his second win in a week scoring one better than previously and winning by two from Ole Stamnes.  The latter took second place after he won a count back against Seppo Sadeharju, outscoring him by 19 to 17 which left Mike Korney back in fourth just one behind.

There were no 2’s in the first division with even Neville Duncan finding the windy conditions just a bit too difficult, but Shuichi Kodaka slipped a long one in to take the second division rollover pool.

Before the presentations were made there was a welcome back for Mike Flynn and farewells for Mike Sanders, Phil Groves Mike Armstrong, Frank Dunstan, Peter MacKenzie and Neville Duncan.

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