A historic week for Travellers Rest golfers


Travellers Rest Golf Group

Firstly I am delighted to report some good progress for our friend & colleague Barry Hooper, who after a terrible road accident which led to months of being unable to move or communicate is now getting around in a wheelchair and is able to talk.  Let’s hope this progress continues and leads to a full recovery

This past week saw the Travellers Rest Golf Group take residence at their new home of The Bowling Green, and thanks to some logistical masterminding by Fergus the move went without a single hitch or a single complaint of missing clubs or equipment.  All lockers were emptied, bagged and tagged and rehoused at the Bowling Green in less than 2 days.

Seamus Farrel shot a record 46 points last week at Emerald. Seamus Farrel shot a record 46 points last week at Emerald.

We have also introduced a few new features to the way that we play our golf, the most important of which is the new “Over 65, Over 19” rule.  In simple terms any player over the age of 65 with a handicap of 19 or more can, if they so wish, play off the “Yellow” or non comp tees.

As Fergus explained, this now brings in competitive play players who previously were there just to make up the numbers, in 2 ways.  Firstly the obvious yardage advantage, but more importantly the belief that they can compete with the rest of the field.  Having played a few times with some of our more “mature” players I think this brings a great new aspect to the whole spirit in which the game should be played.

A full list of results can be found on our website, but a special mention must go to my good pal Seamus Farrell, who welcomed the above rule changes with open arms and shot a club record 46 points, with 2 scratches at Emerald last week.  This was a huge score off any tee and we were all delighted to see his handicap slashed by several strokes.

Normal reporting will resume next week with a full results service.

You can find the Travellers Rest Golf Group at our new home, The Bowling Green on Soi Fuengfa alongside the old Xzyite Discotheque. For more information visit website www.trgg.biz or call 038 422 525.