500 join Jai Kern Roi Cycling Competition in Pong


A group of 500 Pattaya-area cyclists raced for up to 55 kilometers to promote eco-tourism at the Jai Kern Roi Cycling Competition in Pong Sub-district recently.

Former MP Poramet Ngampichet sent riders on their way from the Pong municipal office near Lake Mabprachan Feb. 28 in the event organized by the Sports Association of Chonburi, Pong Cyclists Association, and the sub-districts of Pong, Huay Yai and Nongprue.

Cyclists sign up early for the all-day fun ride.

The day featured two races, one of 55km and the other 10km.  Trophies were awarded for the first 50 people to cross the finish line.  Others received medals.

Poramet Ngampichet, chairman of the Sports Association Chonburi (standing rear centre) was the chairperson during the opening of the Pong Bike Jai Kern Roi Cycling 2016 competition on Feb. 28.

Pong Mayor Pranerm Siriroop said the objective of race was to promote sports and tourism while encouraging people to exercise on bikes, which will reduce consumption of energy and help to mitigate the effects of global warming.

(Photos by Cyclists Association Pattaya)