Twos are wild at Green Valley, Pattaya


PSC Golf from Billabong

Wednesday, 18th Nov
Green Valley

Green Valley with a somewhat depleted field but still 4 groups played. The course is drying out now and you can get an extra bit of distance with the run taking place, although it is still in great condition and a pleasure to play.

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The ladies didn’t take the course apart as they usually do but still enjoyed themselves. Miss Sa took 2nd place with 34 points and Miss Porn took the top spot with 36 points.

In the men’s division there was a countback for 2nd and 3rd with Sel Wegner taking 3rd spot and Jeff North taking 2nd both with 36 points.

Taking the top spot was (welcome back Barry) Barry Copestake with 37 points.

There were 5 twos coming from Sel Wegner, Steve Giles, Peter LeNoury, Wayne Cotterell and Barry Copestake.