Steve Younger takes care of business

(L to R) Monday’s winner Steve Younger with Mashi Kaneta.
(L to R) Monday’s winner Steve Younger with Mashi Kaneta.

A three way tie sees the countback system brought in Pattaya Sports Club Growling Swan Golf, played out of “Bogey’s Bar & Grill”

Monday, 24th of Feb Parichat G.C. Stableford

Ten golfers Monday headed out to Parichat GC. Since being revamped, this is a course that is gaining popularity and one that our golfers are asking to play. The test will be when Shane Young, Bernie McCart and Peter Grey return to play. These 3 have the record for most balls lost on a course.

Time will tell Dobbsy.

Again the weather was on the warm side with a little breeze taking some of the heat out of the day. The course was in good nic and not showing the signs of the lack of water (why would they when there is enough water on course to fill the Gulf. I know, I found it all last time). This course played very well.

We took to the course from the front tees (surprisingly being a Monday) and with ten golfers we were to play one flight with three placings. As far as the novelties go we were playing only two of the near pins, holes 6 & 11 along with both the long putts, holes 9 & 18.

Well we had to go to the countback to sort out the day’s winner. Steve Younger came up trumps winning the countback with 37 points achieved from his handicap of 14. Second was Keith Buchanan with Mashi Kaneta taking third.

Winners from Parichat GC

1st Steve Younger (14) 37 pts.

2nd Keith Buchanan (15) 37 pts.

3rd Mashi Kaneta (15) 37 pts.

Near pins: #6 Greg Tomson & #11 Mashi Kaneta.

Long first putt: #9 Blake Pound & #18 Steve Younger.