Sel Wegner wins on quiet day at Green Valley, Pattaya


PSC golf from Billabong
Wednesday, 10th March
Green Valley

Just a small field at Green Valley Wednesday, with rain threatening but not eventuating. There was some rain earlier in the morning but not on us.

The greens were extremely fast to putt on and the fairways were in great condition also.

There were no ladies playing today as they were invited to play St Andrews tomorrow in a staff tournament for a very reasonable price, which was accepted with enthusiasm.

Now to the lads: Sel Wegner won the day with 38 points, just beating Micky Beresford by one shot. The rest of the lads scored badly, and one of the regular boys had a day to forget scoring a mere 8 points on the front to be followed by a mere 9 points on the back off his 14 handicap. Must have had something else on his mind.