Phil’s birthday bash

Gareth, Sel, Dave Driscoll and Dave Bramley.
Gareth, Sel, Dave Driscoll and Dave Bramley.

Pattaya Sports Club Billabong Golf

Wed., March 4 Green Valley Stableford

Green Valley is in not so good condition. With very little rain, the course is drying out fast and some of the greens have nearly been lost altogether.

The drive to get there is getting easier with Highway 36 almost finished down to the turn off to the course, and the Green Valley road is coming along nicely also.

With 6 groups playing, the course was almost empty until Phil’s birthday bash turned up behind us. Then it was full on.

The scoring was good with Miss Sa in the ladies competition scoring 37 points to take first prize over Miss Phin with 36 points.

In the men’s competition it was completely different. Normally the ladies give this course a hammering but today it was the men. There were three golfers on 40 points for the count back. 4th place went to Dave Bramley on a count back over Peter Thomas, both scoring 37 points. Dave Driscoll took third place with 40 points, Gareth Gill took second with 40 points and Sel Wegner took first with 40 points. There were three twos coming from Josie Ryan, Gareth Gill and Wayne Cotterell.