Pattaya’s French connection wins again


PSC Golf from Billabong

Friday, 11th Sept.
Burapha A and B

Burapha A and B loops on a sweltering day we looked like we had run through a waterfall. After just one hole, everyone was soaking. The course was in pretty good condition as usual apart from a few greens that were bit dodgy. With no carts on the fairways, winter rules were played and needed as it was a bit muddy in places.

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I think the greens director needs to check every now and again that his staff that are putting the plastic rings in the holes are putting them below the surface of the green rather than sticking above the hole making putting rather difficult.

The scoring wasn’t terribly great but it was one of the fastest rounds of golf ever. We were on the way home in under four hours.

The French connection got us again, taking 1st and 2nd spots. Roger Emery scoring 34 took 2nd and his good mate Thiery Petrement took 1st with a fine score of 39 points. He promptly bought everyone a drink.