Pattaya rain chases a few off the course


PSC Billabong Golf

Monday, 28th Sept.
Phoenix Gold

With three groups playing at Phoenix Gold Golf and Resort, the weather started very cloudy and turned to light rain later in the round. Just getting to the course was fun as Sandy was a little under the weather from a late night out the night before, and a moose cider was on hand when he got to the starter’s hut to help him out. That’s what friends are for, isn’t it?

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Anyway, off we went and his first drive was unbelievable – straight down the middle and only about 150 out. A great drive indeed, but alas it went downhill from there.

It was quite a fast round of golf for the first nine holes, then it slowed up a bit when the rain clouds threatened. The course was in great condition as per usual. Despite the amount of rain this course has had, there was only a few fairways where carts were not allowed, which made it easier on Capt. Cripple and Gerard.

Coming down the 18th fairway, it started to rain, so after the Captain had taken his second shot he said to President Tim, see you in the locker room. Having only scored 10 points on this nine, he didn’t deem it prudent to get wet. So he went in, closely followed by Sandy, leaving Tim to finish by himself. Alas, he put his third shot OB and also beat a hasty retreat.

Now to the scoring – we all got a lesson from one of the newer members who scored 18 points on the front nine and 26 on the back. (I always knew the Ocean loop was easier.)

Coming in third place was Thiery Petrement with 33 points, second spot went to Serge Straeten with 35 points, and now to the new member with 44 points: Skip Jefferies took that spot and promptly bought everybody a drink.

Once again there were no twos recorded.