Pattaya Cricket Club finishes runner-up in Chiang Mai Sixes

Bernie Lamprecht (PCC) bowls to Denzyl (BC).

Part two

Each of the three trophies was played for via two semi-finals and a final. PCC’s semi-final was against an arch foe, namely The British Club (BC) with whom PCC compete annually for the Durnford-Philbrook Trophy. Scorecards and stats can be found at

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BC sent in the talented Jacobs and Kumar to open against Wez Masterton. A first ball appeal for LBW was turned down and subsequent byes and boundaries took the score onto 14. Reds bowled the next over and kept things tight despite a final ball boundary 4 through the covers. 24 for 0 from 2.

PCC and supporters.

Bernie Lamprecht bowled a jaffa to Jacobs which climbed off a full length to get a top edge to Luke Stokes for a duck. What a scalp. Denzyl Allwright, another formidable batsman, took the crease and was dropped by Luke off his first ball and Bernie was looking dangerous. Kumar hit a ball down to Long-on and tried for a second run, a fatal mistake as Wez has a good arm and he was run out for 20. Just 3 off the over and BC were 27 for 2 after 3 and struggling.

Simon Weatherill bowled the penultimate over which cost 12 runs, mainly to Promodh Kamalakannan (14), and so BC recovered a little. Andy Emery took the last over and was doing well until Denzyl (10) smashed a 6. 49 for 2 and a sub-par score.

PCC sent in Wez and Luke to face Promodh. An appeal for caught behind was turned down and Luke kept the score ticking along with 9 off the first over. Wez then faced Nadeem and went on full attack mode. 20 off the over and a good start.

Denzyl bowled the 3rd over to Luke who was caught on the boundary by Jacobs for 7 and Simon W took the crease. More boundaries caused Wez to retire on 32. 44 for 1 off 3 and PCC were looking good.

Wez Masterton (PCC) gets clobbered by Chanchai (Lamphun).

Oops. Jacobs bowled some quite fast leg spin and got Simon W caught after some juggling by Promodh for a duck. Then Reds arrived but only lasted 4 balls before he was caught behind by Kumar for a duck. A double wicket maiden and an excellent over for BC. Bernie L arrived for the 4th over from Ben Eastwell who immediately got smashed for 6 and that was it, 50 for 3 off 4.1 overs.

PCC were in the final against Lamphun.

Everybody knew that the final was going to be close. Lamphun opened with Chanchai and Cher against Wez. 4 Dots from Wez and 2 6’s from Chanchai kept the contest even. Reds bowled next and took some punishment. 19 added and 31 for 0 after 2 overs. A good start.

Bernie got battered and forced Chanchai to retire on 32. 52 for 0 after 3 overs.

PCC brought on Simon W who had Cher dropped by Luke, only then to have Wez catch him again off a No Ball. Simon then caught had Champ caught by Wez for a golden duck. The incredible over finished at 62 for 1.

It could have been so very different. Andy Emery kept it tight until a 6 brought up 76 for 1 and another good score with Cher finishing on 24 no.

PCC were in a fight. Wez and Luke opened against Choo with Wez on the attack. 20 off the first over. Champ bowled next and got splattered by Wez who retired on 31 n.o. off 9 balls. Simon W added a 4 and 37 for 0 in 2 overs. Game on.

Andy bowled some loose stuff and conceded 15 to bring up 52 for 0 off 3. The scores were level at this point. Nail biting stuff.

Cher bowled a decent 4th over and only leached 9 runs. 68 for 1 and PCC had a slender advantage of 6 runs going into the last over. 9 needed for a win.

Lamphun win the cup.

Chanchai took the ball and last-over-hero Luke faced. 2 high-speed dots and a ball into Luke’s crown jewels, tempted him into a cheeky single. Mistake. The keeper was too quick and he was run out. Disaster.

Bernie took the crease with 9 runs still needed off 3 balls. A single, a 2 and 6 needed off the last ball for a tie, again! A No ball and cheers around the ground. 3 runs needed off the last ball. Chanchai conjured a dot ball and Lamphun won by 2 runs. What a final.

Trophy winners were: Cup Lamphun; Shield Rugby School Vipers; Bowl Bellringers; Wooden Spoon shared between Rugby School Cobras and Koh Chang. Player of the Tournament was Chanchai.

The tournament was fantastic and hugely enjoyed by all involved. Special thanks to the organisers (George Appleton et al), the Gymkhana Ground, the ground staff, the bar staff, the umpires (Chris Felton, George Appleton, Glyn Davis, Dave Sameways, David Walker, Taran Persaud and Clive Rogerson) the scorers (Locky and his helpers), the commentators (Ian Liddel, Steve Perry and others), and the sponsors (The Red Lion, the Zoom Bar, the UN Irish Bar, the Maxim Bar, the Kalae Bar, the Welcome Bar, Rasta Caf้ and the Lotus).