On the road with Pattaya’s Bunker Boys

Bunker Boys team at Kabin Buri.

PSC Bunker Boys golf

Monday, October 19th Pattavia

1st Jimmy Carr (20) 35 points

2nd Dave Ashman (22) 35 points

3rd Michael Brett (15) 34 points

Near pins Geoff Cox, & Michael Brett X 3.

Yet another grey overcast day for the first game of the week at Pattavia. As we drove in the course looked very quiet with nobody in sight. As always, the course was in very nice condition with no need for the pick, clean, and place to be applied. The bunkers were well raked, the tee boxes had recently been mowed, and the greens were a nice even speed.

We teed off on an empty course but quickly our first group ran up against a six-ball which slowed everyone down until the second par three when the marshal made the six-ball sit it out until all our groups were through, both surprising and unusual.

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Thereafter play was at a good pace all the way to the end. After a disastrous start with one point after three holes, Michael Brett staged something of a recovery to accumulate thirty-four points and take third place with thirty-four points, twenty on the back nine. Jimmy Carr edged out Dave Ashman for first place on countback. A good day for Michael Brett on the par threes taking three near pins with Geoff Cox taking the remaining pin.

After the game, some of our members carried on up hwy 331 to Kabin Buri for a two-day event including a Texas scramble on day one. All are high handicappers with a combined handicap of seventeen, so we are expecting big things from them.

Two-time winner Jimmy Carr.

Tuesday 20th & Wednesday 21 October

Kabin Buri Country Club

Dale’s Shier’s 60th Birthday Bash, two-day event

Day one

Texas scramble

The Bunker Boys sent a group of five for this invitational event to Kabin Buri staying at Serenity Spa & Resort and playing at KBCC. Jay Babin played for another team whilst the Bunker Boys were represented by Geoff Parker, Jimmy Carr, Tony Robbins, and Bob Paine.

Despite recent heavy rain, the course was in excellent condition, nevertheless the pick, clean, and place rule was applied as many experienced mud-balls. Unlike many Pattaya courses, the rough had been trimmed and was not nearly as punishing as we have become used to. The weather was bright and sunny, perfect conditions for golf.

The first day of competition was a Texas scramble with fourteen teams participating. The Bunker Boys’ plan was to par every hole and try to pick up four birdies along the way. They were successful with their first objective but failed with the second and eventually came fourth. The winning team got four birdies to go with the rest pars, so the target was spot on. Geoff Parker took out the longest put competition with a thirty footer.

Day two of the competition was individual Stableford format played off the yellow tees at six thousand four hundred yards. Jimmy Carr set out on fire with nineteen points after seven holes and twenty-three after nine, thirty-nine after seventeen but wiped the last to finish missing out on a place. Tony Robbins had a very steady round and finished on forty-one and took first place, he also managed to get nearest the beer keg and win a three-litre turret of beer. The final member of the group, Bob Paine, got an unofficial prize for the cutest caddie, altogether a creditable performance by the Bunker Boys.

An unforeseen hazard on one hole was a pesky crow that kept picking up golf balls on one fairway and carrying them off somewhere never to be seen again.

Of those left behind back in Pattaya, a few skipped golf while Jeff Crosthwaite and Michael Brett enjoyed a real treat with a game of matchplay at Siam Plantation, won by the latter by two. This is a first-class course where everything is on a higher level than we are used to on our regular roster.

Friday 23rd King Naga

1st Jimmy Carr (20) 36 points

2nd Bob Paine (23) 35 points

3rd Michael Brett (15) 32 points

Near pins Geoff Cox X 2 & Jimmy Carr X 2.

Our scheduled game was to be at Emerald but we found out by rumor that it had been canceled without notice as there was a major competition being played, so we hastily rearranged a game at King Naga. One would have expected that the least the club could do was to notify us. One has to ask when is a booking not a booking?


On our last visit to King Naga, we found the course in decent condition so our expectation was that it would be the same today, not so. The greens were like putting on velcro, unbelievably slow, the rest of the course was as expected.

After three weeks of grey overcast conditions, we finally got some sunshine, hopefully, we are now out of the rainy season.

Jimmy Carr carried forth the good form he showed at Kabin Buri taking first place with thirty-six points, not sure what he is doing on a twenty handicap. Second went to another high handicapper in Bob Paine on thirty-five points with Michael Brett bringing up the rear with thirty-two.

Two near pins each to Jimmy Carr and Geoff Cox.


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