Oakes takes top prize in Pattaya golf at Burapha


PSC Golf from Billabong

Friday, Oct. 2
Burapha A and B

We played Burapha A and B loops Friday, and whilst the course itself is in great condition, it is sad to see the distress on some of the greens. It’s not only here; other courses are suffering the same fate. I do hope they come back from the malady soon.

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It was a very hot day out there with only a little breeze coming up on the second nine to try to cool us down.

We had mister consistency with us again today. Thiery Petrement, who is going through a purple patch at the moment and can’t put a foot or should I say club wrong, scored 37 points to take second prize.

He was only beaten by a class player like Tony Oakes who shot a great 41 points to take the top prize.