George Gamble on fire at Eastern Star Golf Course

George Gamble had a revelation on Thursday.
George Gamble had a revelation on Thursday.

PSC Golf from Siam Country Resort Pattaya

Tuesday 25th February Pleasant Valley Stableford

On Tuesday 25th February 2020 we went with 4 groups to Pleasant Valley Golf & Country Club Pattaya. It was a nice sunny day with sometimes a cooling breeze, but after midday it is was getting too warm. The course was in good condition and it was really a pleasant day.

Almost the whole group played in the thirties Tuesday. John Feeney was in very good form and beat the thirties. He became the winner with 40 Stableford points. Second was Neil Harvey with 38 points, beating Stephen Ford on the count back. Fourth was Sam Gettinby with 36 points. We also9 had three 35s, Danny Garvey, Bob Edwards and Ty Anderson.

The near pins were won by Dave Smith, Bob Edwards and John Feeney.


Thursday, 27th February Eastern Star Stableford

On Thursday the 27th February Eastern Star was our venue. It was again a nice and sunny warm day with a strong cool breeze. The course was in very good condition with a good roll on the fairways and hardly any dry brown spots. The greens were in good condition and fast.

George Gamble, who struggled on Tuesday, finished on top Thursday. He played very consistent and won with 42 Stableford points. Second was Dave Smith with 36 and third Ty Anderson with 34.

The near pins were won by Jonathan Pratt, Willem Lasonder, Ty Anderson and Stan Rees.