French inundate Billabong again at Phoenix Gold Golf & Country Club Pattaya


PSC Golf from Billabong

Monday, March 15 Phoenix Mountain & Ocean Stableford

Phoenix Monday playing Mountain and Ocean, and the difference between the speed of the greens was remarkable. Mountain was fast and Ocean was very slow in comparison. Apart from that, the course was in great condition with lush fairways making it impossible to get a bad lie. They must be one of the lucky golf courses around as there has been some rain over it and it really has greened up nicely.

We were inundated by the French again Monday and it took Captain Cripple and Kiwi Bill Marsden to keep the Billabong’s head up for some respectability in the scoring. Six groups played in weather made for golf – a nice breeze, plenty of cloud cover and a leisurely round of golf ensued.

There was a three way countback for the minor placings between Thiery Temime, Kiwi Bill and Captain Cripple, all on 36 points, with the Captain taking 4th place, Kiwi Bill taking 3rd and Thiery taking 2nd.

Another Lovely French maiden took the top spot by one, scoring 37 points. There were two 2s coming from Caroline Blum and the Captain himself.

I might add that is the 3rd time in 3 weeks he has birdied the 4th hole on the Mountain loop, earning 5 points each time.

We wish Miss Ting from Shanghai well in getting home to see your Mum and sincerely hope she is well and not in any danger from that virus.