Empty courses throughout Pattaya

Ty Anderson and Willem Lasonder.
Ty Anderson and Willem Lasonder.

PSC Golf from SIAM Country Resort Pattaya

It was amazing this week how empty the courses were. Perhaps everybody was afraid of the rain. Also, many of our regular players were outside the city. Anyway, we enjoyed the courses where we played.

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On Tuesday 7th July we went to The Emerald. It was a cloudy and humid day after a night with heavy rain. We were lucky that we just had a little shower and missed the storm in Pattaya. The course was in good condition, but we had no roll. The greens were not very good, slow and bumpy.


Jonathan Pratt and Dave Smith kept each other good in balance in an exciting game. Jonathan was just one shot better than Dave and won with 36 Stableford points.

Our venue for Thursday 9th July was Pleasant Valley. The circumstances were better than on Tuesday. We had a sunny day and it became hot after 11 am. The course was in good condition with some wet spots. The greens were bumpy and some were sanded.

The results were better than on Tuesday. Ty Anderson was in good shape with a strong front nine with 23 Stableford points. It was too much for the rest of the field to catch him. He won with 39 points. Willem Lasonder was second with 36.

Two near pins for Ty Anderson and Willem Lasonder (3X).