Derek Phillips fitted for Green Jacket in Pattaya

Winner Derek Phillips with his good buddy, Connie Walsh, who is heading home to Ireland this week.
Winner Derek Phillips with his good buddy, Connie Walsh, who is heading home to Ireland this week.

PSC Links Golf Society

Friday, Jun 26 Pattana A+B Stableford

Since the time Derek Phillip’s handicap went down to a twelve, he has scored fairly consistently. He has had a couple of stinkers, but haven’t we all?

A very good game Friday gave him 40 points and the Green Jacket. He reckoned that it had been a while since he wore it last.

Mike Firkin had one of his good days, and his 37 points might have got him a win on another day, but he settled for second place.

Tony Browne has the new swing working again, so he took third spot with 36 points to beat the consistent Huw Phillips on countback. In fact, there was a three-way countback at 36 points where Karl Flood was the unlucky one to miss out.

Pattana is always a favourite and at the special price of 1350 baht all in after 11.30 am, it is first onto the schedule. The course is in very good condition and back to its best after the break. But, as there had been enough rain to dampen the course, carts had to stay on pathways and, of course, there was almost no run on the fairways.

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The greens are as good as we expect here, except for three greens on the ‘B’ nine where it appears that some disease, or perhaps an accident, has caused some blotches and discolour. We are sure the grounds staff are working on it.

The rough here is, as we have found at other courses recently, quite unforgiving, especially while it is wet.

It was a worry when a sprinkle of rain came about one hour after the start, but that quickly withdrew to create a mist over the background hills for the rest of the day.

Winners at Pattana

1st Place – Derek Phillips (12) – 40 pts

2nd Place – Mike Firkin (23) – 37 pts

3rd Place – Tony Browne (18) – 36 pts c/back

4th Place – Huw Phillips (13) – 36 pts c/back

Near Pins: Derek Phillips, Tip Briney, Tommy Marshall, Huw Phillips


Best Front Nine (non winners) – Craig Webster – 20 pts c/back

Best Back Nine (non winners) – Mike Jeffreys – 18 pts

Although there were quite a few groups of golfers at the course, mainly Thai, they had later tee times and so our groups had a good open run for the round.

Most of the twenty-one players arrived back to Links at the later time, and Joy had a meal of Lasagna and Panna Cotta ready to go to round off a nice day at Pattana.