Captain Cripple achieves high score on wet Pattaya day


PSC Golf from Billabong

Friday, August 7 Burapha Stableford

Burapha on a wet morning with just two groups we decided that a cup of coffee was in order to see if the rain would stop. After about 30 minutes the rain stopped and off we went.

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The course was a bit wet in places and there were no carts on the grass, but it wasn’t that bad out there. It was a quick round after we were let through a group of professionals that were there to practice for the up and coming tournament starting next week.

Six players managed to score over 30 points and it was decided that only 1st and 2nd plus the twos would be in the prizes.

Thiery Petrement took 2nd spot with 37 points but Captain Cripple, who is going through a purple patch at the moment, scored 42 points and that was with 2 blobs. His handicap will be adjusted this weekend no doubt.

There were three twos coming from Barry Lewis, Thiery Petrement and Roger Emery.