Burnt Out Wreck – This is Hell – 5 Stars

Burnt Out Wreck face the lineup.

These boys rock and they rock very hard.

Already established on the hard rock scene, Burnt Out Wreck have truly made an indelible mark with their second album, This Is Hell, complimenting their debut album Swallow, from 2017.

This is undoubtedly Gary Moat’s band. With his experience that comes from the hard slog of road work and the knowledge of previously being a founder member of the new wave of British heavy metal band, Heavy Pettin’, it all comes together to give us a complete package.

Gary Moat, originally from Glasgow, Scotland, has moved from his drum stool with Heavy Pettin’ to out front with his own band, where he writes and sings all of the songs and plays a little guitar.
But so saying, this is not a one man show. Gary Moat has trusty sidekicks to rely upon in the shape of a twin guitar attack.

Gary Moat of Burnt Out Wreck with Pattaya Mail reporter Mark Taylor.

Miles Goodman on rhythm guitar lays down the foundations of the riffs, playing out his role as the Keef Richards of the band whilst on stage.

Goodman leaves Richard Upsom plenty of room to blossom on the lead axe and shred out those guitar licks to embellish each song and resound out on the solos.

Rocking out behind them is the thunderous rhythm section of Alex Carmichael on bass guitar, partnered by the mighty Paul Gray on drums.

Between them they create hard rock music made to party. These are songs to shake your head to, only taking breaks to slam down more strong beer with whisky chasers. (Preferably Burnt Out Wreck’s own brews.)

The sound has not changed dramatically since the days/daze of Heavy Pettin,’ but it’s slightly heavier with plenty of raw beef. The apple never should fall far from the tree. There are no compromises here.

Album cover of their first album, Swallow (2017).

All bands have their influences, with Burnt Out Wreck wearing theirs on their collective sleeves, of AC/DC, Krokus and Led Zeppelin. If you have influences, only choose the best.

Gary Moat’s vocals are far more Bon Scott than Brian Johnson. There’s a definite twinkle in his eye as the saucy words come tumbling out.

The songs themselves come out of the speakers as if the band’s very lives depended upon them. (Of course they may well do.)

Opener ‘Dead Or Alive’ lays the template down in fine rocking style. Gary Moat preaches fun and naughtiness from his pulpit whilst the band lays it out behind him. But when the guitars are given space in the middle section, it’s time to grab your air guitar and let it all hang out.

Next up is ‘Positive’ and it is, as the songs carry on with no drop in quality. There are plenty of changes of pace and mood but the message remains the same: PARTY!

Gary Moat.

You can just tell by the songs’ titles that this is meant to be fun. ‘Paddywack,’ ‘Rock Hard Sticky Sweet,’ and a song about ‘Head’ which I don’t understand! The title track is a gem, while ‘Guitars Electrified’ is a stadium built anthem.

Burnt Out Wreck are a road band but there is some mighty fine cookin’ coming from the studio too.

Burnt Out Wreck are well established on the Hard Rock Scene and 2022 should see them doing headline tours and in the upper reaches of the line ups of the hard rock festivals. That will make a few of the more established bands take a nervous look back.

These guys don’t let the grass grow around them, as keeping themselves busy in this void of live work they have collaborated with local breweries to come up with Burnt Out Wreck branded whisky, beer and cider.

Album Cover of this album, This Is Hell.

Now let’s get this band over to Asia, bringing some of their beers and spirits with them.

These guys are far from burnt out wrecks. The future is wide, the future is good and rockin’.

Written by Mott the Dog Rockin’ on Pattaya’s Dark Side.

Heavy Pettin’ – Gary Moat’s previous eighties band.

These guys have collaborated with local breweries to come up with Burnt Out Wreck branded whisky, beer and cider.