Buffalo Bill takes over the Valley

(L to R) Volker Buley, Thursday’s winner bill Steinmann, and Peter Bye!
(L to R) Volker Buley, Thursday’s winner bill Steinmann, and Peter Bye!

PSC Growling Swan Golf, played out of “Bogey’s Bar & Grill”

Thursday, January 9 Pleasant Valley G.C. Stableford

Yet again we are struggling with numbers, eight only for Thursday’s event at Pleasant Valley. A shame for such a good course.


The course as it played was in great nic, a lot of golfers about, just not with us. Koreans were in numbers but all looking for a late tee off giving them cheaper pricing, but playing in the hottest part of the day!

Weather was good to us but as the day got longer the mercury did rise making the last hour on the course a little uncomfortable!

We were playing one flight only and again we were only playing the four near the pin novelties and no long first putts.

It was Buffalo Bill that came home with the goods. 2 points clear of second place, his 37 was too good for the rest of the field. Second home was Peter Bye improving on his last game to get in the winner’s circle. Third home was a much improved Volker Buley. Fresh from his victory earlier in the week, Volker played his last game with us (this visit) and may I say he certainly has improved. Well done mate.

Winners from Pleasant Valley GC.

1st Bill Steinman (10) 37 pts.
2nd Peter Bye (15) 35 pts.
3rd Volker Buley (36) 34 pts.

Near the pin: #5 Volker Buley, #8 Peter Bye, #13 Takeshi Hakozaki, and #17 Volker Buley.