Bhat Simpson retains Jomtien Bar Boss Charity Pool title

Flanked by the hosts for the evening, Rit of @home Bar based in Soi 7, was welcomed to the group.

Once again, a highly successful night was had at Happy Bou in Soi Welcome to raise monies for the distribution of free food for the local people of Jomtien on Friday night, Nov. 27.

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As far as the pool itself was concerned, credit must go to the ladies who had three of the four semi-finalists in the Losers Section. Annie of Enjoy Paradise progressed to the final of that section where she was narrowly defeated by Happy Bou. On her way to the final, Annie defeated one of the tournament’s most consistent performers, Ivan of Old Town.

How the mighty have fallen. The deposed President Trump (second left) returned to his grass roots – the Stretford End Bovver Boys.

In the winners section, there were some interesting matches to be had. Bhat, the eventual winner, defeated Marco of Champions, and Karl of J-Bar defeated the Flying Scotsman Billy from The Clansman. It was later claimed that Karl only won because of his refusal to take shots of tequila during the match.

At the end of the day, the final was between Happy Bou and Bhat of Enjoy Paradise. Bhat played excellent pool to win the best of three final by two matches to zero.

As always, raffles were donated. Thanks to Richmond Bar, Enjoy Paradise, Happy Bou, Old Town and Chang for the generous donations. The main prize was a rare Arsenal top which apparently the Arsenal team only wore on one occasion.

Also present at the event was Thapanaphong Siwilai of TMN Cable TV Pattaya who filmed the event, and Chang. The participants would like to thank them for their coverage and support.

The lovely ladies of the Jomtien Bar Boss Charity Pool Event: Annie of Enjoy Paradise, second left, reached the final of her section.

The fortnightly Jomtien Bar Boss Charity Event is run in conjunction with the Richmond Charity Shop which is in Soi Welcome and is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 14.00 to 18.00. We are continually looking for clothes, toys, etc., with all proceeds going towards free food for the local population.

Once again, a hugely successful evening was had and special thanks should go to the patrons and staff of Happy Bou for hosting the event.

The next event will be hosted by Enjoy Paradise on Friday 4th December. Enjoy Paradise is located at Soi Welcome.

To date, the 4 charity events have raised in excess of 25,000 Bhat.

The three prize winners: Happy Bou, Bhat and Annie.

The rare Arsenal shirt which was donated by Richmond Bar and won by Nuch of J Bar.