Ayutthaya night market: Walk back to Ayutthaya Period


The old capital is enlivened once more in the brand new Ayutthaya night market. Take a stroll through the vibrant market place and you will feel like walking back to golden period of Ayutthaya period centuries ago.

Ayutthaya Night Market greets you with decoration from yesteryear like bamboo façade of ancient army camp, canon replicas, old-fashioned shops and kiosks. The ancient-style market place is lined with thatch roof kiosks, bamboo tables, vendor in old-fashioned attires, while and merchandises of the last period spring back to life here.

What makes it really unique is the vendor in old-fashioned attires. You will find female vendors wearing tube skirt and traditional shawls over their shoulder, kids in Chong Kben playing around, or ancient warriors patrolling on the road.

Stroll through the ancient theme market and you will come across a number of Thai traditional merchandises such as Boat noodle, Thai desserts, sugar palm juice or Namtan Sod. Handicrafts and toys from yesterdays will remind you for the good old days.

To comply with the theme, foods sold here are served in banana leave container, while drinks are served in bamboo mug.

Things are in full swing in the evening when the breeze relief the day heat and attracts more people. When darkness begins to fall, the market is illuminated with lamps adapted from chicken coop. That makes it one of the most beautiful night market in town.

How to get there: Ayutthaya is 60 miles north of Bangkok via highway 9. Ayutthaya Night Market or Krungsri Night Market is situated in Ayutthaya HistoricalPark, next to Tourist Center. It opens from Friday- Sunday, 5pm to 10 pm.