Thai Garden Resort celebrates sports day and staff party


On the 30th of March 2016 the Thai Garden Resort organized their annual sports day and staff party.

Sport games such as share ball, water balloon volleyball, and sepak takraw had been ongoing for a couple of days, whereby the finals were played on the last day.

At the end every winning team was given their trophy.

One highlight was again the fun football game between the management of the hotel and a selection of female staff from the hotel, which ended in a draw.

General Manager Rene Pisters (3rd left) and Hotel Manager Danilo Becker (2nd right) award certificates to outstanding members of staff.

The evening of the 30th of March ended with the staff party at the Moon River Pub in front of the Thai Garden Resort. All had a really good time enjoying themselves.

During the evening the management took time to recognize those employees, who have been with the company for over 10, 15 or even 20 years.

Before the party got started with a rich Chinese Food Buffet and live music, every staff member took part in a lucky draw, where sponsored prizes were distributed to all.

The mood at the evening staff party was one of great fun had by all.

All together it was a very successful sports day and staff party where everyone had a lot of fun.

The management of the Thai Garden Resort thanked all staff for a successful business year and look forward to continue in this way.

Teams pose for a group photo after the annual sports day.