Proud participants receive their certificates


After 2 years of working together, Women With a Mission volunteers Christina Zauner and Laurie Bastien, along with translators Joanna (Ms Parttana Jindapan) and Wanjai Kunly, proudly presented the staff at the Khun Boon Choo Home for Disabled Children with their participation certificates.

Staff at the Centre with their certificates.
Staff at the Centre with their certificates.

The overall target of the two year project was to reorganize the daily routine at the centre to get the best available working environment and learning conditions for the staff and the disabled children. The focus of the training was classroom organization, and specific staff development training in techniques and skills for children with special needs/disabilities.

After each session the Centre was left with the specific games, educational toys, and instructions on usage to allow the staff to practice the new teaching methods. All materials and handouts were in 2 languages to make it easy for both trainers and participants of the course.

Teachers Mary and Malik from Mountain Smile International School, a school for children with special needs located in Pattaya, visited the Centre and added their expertise to the training program.

On the final day each staff member had the opportunity to comment on the program before receiving their certificates and joining together for a celebratory meal. It was wonderful to hear comments about children who are now more independent, able to feed themselves through the development of their fine motor skills, and can visit the toilet without assistance.

Boon Choo with Rosanne Diamente at the presentation.
Boon Choo with Rosanne Diamente at the presentation.

General class concentration has improved, and students are more content to get on and work on their own. All this allows the teachers more time to spend with individuals enhancing their learning potential.

It was wonderful to see a young man sort a container of marbles, and place them into a special box designed to assist his motor skills. The music teacher commented the students are less nervous on stage; the step by step training has given them more confidence.

Working with young people with disabilities is challenging, and also rewarding. The staff at the Centre really need more assistance in the classrooms on a daily basis so if you have the appropriate skills, or a kind heart and lots of patience, then you might like to consider volunteering. The Centre is located off Highway 331 in Bang Chang.

Women With a Mission would like to pass on special thanks to Pattaya International Ladies Club for helping with staff salaries this year; Jesters Care for Kids, who supported the staff training program; SIG Combibloc for their generous donation to help with the classroom needs; VFW Baan Chang also helped at the Centre, building cupboards and helping to do a massive clean. It is wonderful to see so many groups working together to support the local Thai community. “Individuals coming together to make a difference.”