Popular expat Lemmers celebrates 65th birthday


Many people may dread their 65th birthday, but Gerard Lemmers celebrated it in grand style at the Royal Cliff Beach Resort.

Well-known in the Pattaya community, Lemmers invited 50 guests, most of them Dutch, like himself.  They enjoyed drinks by the pool and grooved to the hotel’s Filipino house band. Then everyone sat down for a meal.

Guests swapped funny stories from Lemmer’s long life while several Dutch women performed a comedy show with a song that was humorous if you knew the lingo.

Gerard Lemmers enjoys his birthday cake.Gerard Lemmers enjoys his birthday cake.

Lemmer’s life partner, Amporn, took the stage in an original Thai costume and sang a song, which earned him generous applause.

The cake finally appeared and Lemmers blew out the candles while guests sang “Happy Birthday.” A Thai band took the stage to cap the evening’s festivities.

Many of Lemmers’ closest friends turned up for his birthday party.Many of Lemmers’ closest friends turned up for his birthday party.