Pattaya Sports Club make room for Karunyawet Home for Disabled Ladies


It is just a short drive along Sukhumvit Road from Pattaya to find the Karunyawet Home in Banglamung. You know you have arrived when you see the lilac coloured wall.

Karunyawet was opened in 1994 by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, a big supporter of various charities throughout the Kingdom, in an effort to overcome the problem of the increasing numbers of disabled people needing assistance. They now have 420 ladies in ages ranging from 18 to 97, all of whom have mental or physical disabilities and some have both.

As it was. A waste of valuable space.As it was. A waste of valuable space.

The aim of the centre is to provide care services to ladies that have been abandoned or neglected by their families and have no means of support. Gitra and her staff, only 22 to care for the ladies, provide a safe and caring environment for the residents and when you first visit the centre you cannot fail to be impressed by the fact that everything is spotlessly clean as a result of the hard work by the staff, the ladies are happy and always delighted to see visitors.

Before the changes.Before the changes.

Many are able to move around the gardens or walk to the eating area but many are less than mobile and spend most of their day sitting and eating their meals along the walkways, but there was very little room for them. They live in 9 dormitories and the staff are anxious to have them outside to enable them to have some fresh air, but they are desperately short of space and would dearly like to build a second floor on the existing buildings, but this is not possible.

Same place, more space.Same place, more space.

Gitra approached Pattaya Sports Club to help by utilizing the space around the entrance to the dormitories which, at that time, was a waste of space, for the benefit of everyone. The requirement was to remove existing structures either side of the door, levelling the area to enable tiles to be laid and installing safety measures with a protective roof against the rays of the sun and torrential rain, which we have all experienced at one time or another  in Pattaya.

More space and so much better.More space and so much better.

As usual, Pattaya Sports Club are always happy to come to the aide of the underprivileged and the recommendation to proceed was a simple decision for the committee to make. The alterations are now finished and, as you can see from the photos, everybody is delighted with the changes.

If you feel that you could make a donation of no longer used clothes or even a small cash donation, please contact me, William, on 0861522754 or the PSC office, 038361167 and we will take care of everything.

The same as a ‘thumbs up’.The same as a ‘thumbs up’.

The ladies eat wherever they can.The ladies eat wherever they can.

The ladies are happy. The ladies are happy.