Peter Ring 1929 – 2010

The Irish community together with Thais and friends from many nationalities gathered together at Wat Mai Hat Jomtien on Wednesday November 10th to bid farewell to Peter Ring, who passed away on Friday 5th November, at his home.

Peter, who came from poor background in Ireland, became a businessman in his home country, and was a member of the prestigious Malahide Golf Club. After a successful career, he came to retire in Pattaya over 10 years ago where he met his partner Oy. Whilst golf was his main passion he loved music and musicals and was a great wit – always with a joke to share – right to the end.

Peter Ring 1929 - 2010 RIPPeter Ring 1929 – 2010 RIP

He was well known amongst the golfing community, playing mainly with Lewiinski’s – but often played – with some success – in open competitions with PSC, IPGC, and the Diana Group, all who were represented today. Sadly he was unable to continue with golf during the last year of his life.

At his service, which was both Buddhist and Catholic, we were treated to some traditional Thai dancing and moving tributes from his 3 children Peter, Deidre, Tony, daughter-in-law Jennifer and Teddy – close friend and neighbor.

There were a number of floral tributes from many of those who knew him well from all over Pattaya.

After the Catholic blessing we sang the only song of the afternoon ‘Amazing Grace’.

The service ended with the walk around the temple 3 times before we said our final goodbyes.

Many gathered afterwards at Lewiinski’s where an excellent buffet was provided.

God bless you Peter. RIP.

Nigel Cannon