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Most of us take clean drinking water for granted but, for poor families, having access to drinking water is a major concern. A regular intake of water is so important to maintaining health and general wellbeing but we are all aware that tap water, here, is unhealthy and the only water that is anywhere near drinkable is delivered to the families by lorry at a cost of 250 baht per time, an amount that they can ill afford.

Rotary in Pattaya have imported a simple water filter that is effective and will save the families substantial sums over the course of the year. 10 litres of water, on tap, which will filter water from ponds, streams, rain water and taps to a very high standard.  Pattaya Sports Club are always happy to help the underprivileged and handicapped and providing these filters was the perfect opportunity to provide help where it was needed most.

A young supporter of England.A young supporter of England.

Recently we provided funds to build a small house for one of the families at Kate’s Project that Noi visits on a regular basis. She has managed Kate’s Project for the last 7 years and has 45 families under her care, but like many small charities around Pattaya, they are always short of funds.

A phone call from Noi asked PSC to attend the monthly distribution of food parcels, donated by PILC, to all the families and PSC were invited to attend the presentation whilst handing out the water filters.

We were also in a fortunate position to be able to present some clothes to those in need for a member of PSC had donated two bags of clothes and some shoes for us to distribute among the poor. A very welcome gift.

Please do not forget. If you are having a clear out, don’t throw anything away. Drop, whatever it maybe, to the PSC office for distribution.

A water filter to a handicapped gentleman.A water filter to a handicapped gentleman.

A food package to every family.A food package to every family.

Clean drinking water to every family.Clean drinking water to every family.

Everyone goes home happy.Everyone goes home happy.