Hilton Pattaya joins Earth Hour 2014 movement in support of energy conservation


Hilton Pattaya joined Earth Hour 2014 by organizing two major events to raise Earth Hour awareness among team members on Friday March 28 and Saturday, March 29.

The first was a staircase race from level 1 to level 34 arranged on Friday March 28, to raise awareness of team members not using lifts but using stairs, especially during peak hours. The vertical race was joined by more than 100 team members to kick off the 2014 Earth Hour activities.

The Super Hero and Hilton Pattaya team gathers for the Earth Hour 2014 count down session in the welcome lobby.

The Earth Hour event on Saturday, March 29, was started with a Earth Hour countdown session at the welcome lobby to switch off all unnecessary electricity from 08.30 p.m. until midnight, which resulted in 14.65% of energy saving, 927.72 kWh of electric saving and 528 kg of CO2 reducing during the session.

Hilton Pattaya joins some of over 3,900 hotels within Hilton Worldwide’s portfolio of brands who were expected to take part in the event that will mobilize more than one billion people worldwide.

The Earth Hour logo is lit by candles on the level 16 sundeck.The Earth Hour logo is lit by candles on the level 16 sundeck.