Getting in the MOOD


Blues music aficionados celebrated the opening of the MOOD Blues Cafe on Pratamnak Soi 6, on the ground floor of Thepthip Mansion, with a small party and a large feast of music.

Well known Pattaya musicians performing at the MOOD Blues Cafe include the house band ‘Slow Ride’ of Ken (Snowman) Minahan (lead guitar), Tony Stevens (bass guitar) and Oi Somchai Sihaampai (drums) who kicked off with the classics and then went on leaving the audience begging for more.

Oi Somchai Sihaampai keeps the beat.Oi Somchai Sihaampai keeps the beat.

Thepthip Mansion owner, Peter Windgasse, a guitar music enthusiast himself stated that the MOOD Blues Cafe would be host to live music on many evenings each week, and the house band at weekends.

The venue is certainly a ‘classy’ one with comfortable chairs inviting the listeners to curl up with a drink and just enjoy the music, a situation where MOOD can certainly fill a niche.

Tony Stevens, long time bass player with Foghat, plays the blues for Slow Ride.Tony Stevens, long time bass player with Foghat, plays the blues for Slow Ride.

According to Peter Windgasse, “We are here to change the mood of going to clubs in Pattaya.  We are not a go-go, beer bar or disco.  No hassles, friendly good trained staff, good prices, plenty of parking, clean and fresh, no smoking law upheld but a big patio where you can indulge and still see the band and not left out of the fun.  We are sure once you spend an evening with us you’ll always be in the MOOD!”

Ken “Snowman” Minahan makes his fender sing.Ken “Snowman” Minahan makes his fender sing.

Barry and Pla enjoy the show.Barry and Pla enjoy the show.