dusitD2 baraquda Pattaya organizes a 5-star trip for kids from Camillian Home, Bangkok


Are you affected by, or living with someone who has HIV/AIDS or are handicapped? Have you ever helped provide services to children or families living with HIV/AIDS or handicapped?

So many questions, but here at dusitD2 baraquda Pattaya we focus on one only … what are we going to do about it? And as a dusitD2 belief “Action counts more than words.”

The management & staff of dusitD2 baraquda Pattaya, led by Michael Ganster (general manager) welcomed 12 kids from the Camillian Home – Relief Center for children living with disabilities and HIV/AIDS to experience a 5-star hotel experience on September 27.

Staff and guests are having a great time at dusitD2. Staff and guests are having a great time at dusitD2.

Apart from a luxury night stay in the hotel’s spectacular rooms, kids were delightfully treated with a fun hotel tour, a cake decoration activity and delicious dinner at the s.e.a. restaurant. All kids were excited and impressed with activities dusitD2 staff provided.  As Jack, one of the HIV/AIDS teenagers said, “This is our first hotel experience … my friends and I truly enjoy everything the hotel put together for us.”

Joy mixed with sadness, tears mixed with laughter, the innocent and liveliness of those wonderful kids almost caused tears to the entire dusitD2 staff. Now the dusitD2 staff have a much better understanding of this virus and will continue to support this center thought out the year and years to come as their social care project.

“What dusitD2 baraquda Pattaya contributed to the kids today was priceless, it’s not just the food, accommodation, activities or the gifts, it’s the sincerity that dusitD2 staff brought and expressed to us and we really appreciated,” said father Giovanni

Camillian Home is a registered non-profit children’s charity operating on behalf of the St. Camillus Foundation of Thailand in the area of Lat Krabang, Bangkok.

The Home was initiated by Father Giovanni Contarin, an Italian Priest who has done extensive work for the poor in Thailand over the past 25 years. It targets orphaned children who are not only living with HIV/AIDS but who are also disabled – physically, mentally, or both. Managed by the St. Camillus Foundation of Thailand, children are brought up and taught values based on their own beliefs and cultural backgrounds. Everyone is free to express and follow their faith, whatever it may be.