Billabong provides mobility on wheels


It was a well-trodden path for the Billabong Golf Club to visit the Boon Choo Home for Special Children near Sattahip, for we have had the pleasure of supporting this centre for the last 2 years. 167 children that are autistic, have Down syndrome or other debilitating concerns are cared for there.

Choo is so happy to receive the wheelchairs.
Choo is so happy to receive the wheelchairs.

Choo is a remarkable lady retaining a cool, controlled, smiling persona, for in addition to the everyday ailments that are common in the centre, many of the children have severe mobility problems or do not have any controlled movement at all. During a recent visit it was quite obvious that wheelchairs were an urgent requirement so funds were made available to purchase various sized chairs.

The children are already making full use of the wheelchairs and were brought out to confirm to us that they will be in continual use.

The members of the Billabong always have the needs of the children uppermost in our minds but one thing we must not lose sight of is that the staff in this case would have to carry these children around and even the smallest child can be difficult to move around. Apart from the benefits to the children is that by donating items like wheelchairs, we are making life that little bit easier for the staff. They work tirelessly for 167 children demand attention 24/7.