Bangkokians help clean Pattaya beaches


A bus full of students from the Thailand Chinese International School Bangkok made a big impact on Wongamat Beach on Saturday the 17th of May. For two hours the 40 students, plus teachers and volunteers and members of Rotary E Club of the Carolinas, cleaned the beach. The focus was on smaller items like sharp glass, bottle caps and other items that could cut swimmers. The low tide made it easy to spot the many broken bottles across the beach and everybody helped out to clean them up.

The cleaning was a big success and many TV stations and press were present. A donation of 5000 THB was handed over to Green Pattaya from TCIS for its work to keep Pattaya clean. A promise from the school to come back in August was also made by the teachers. Is it time for the Pattaya companies and school to help clean Pattaya as well?

After cleaning with some of the rubbish.After cleaning with some of the rubbish.

This was Green Pattaya’s 18th cleaning, and the 19th will be the World Ocean Day on the 8th of June. Green Pattaya is looking for companies, schools and charities that want to help to coordinate a number of cleanups on that day around Pattaya. Please get in contact with Green Pattaya for more information.

Neo talks about small things to pick up.Neo talks about small things to pick up.

The 20th anniversary cleaning will be held with Dive Tribe and the Thai Chinese International School Bangkok on the island of Koh Sak just outside Pattaya. It will be a fun day out and Green Pattaya is inviting everybody to join in. The date is soon to be announced depending on the tide.

Please contact Fone at phone 083 017 0632 Thai English, and visit these links for more information to come and join Green Pattaya on World Ocean Day.

TCIS making the beach safe.TCIS making the beach safe.