AmCham hosts Joint Chambers networking at the Holiday Inn


The American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), represented by Executive Director Judy Benn, was host to a most successful networking evening held around the pool on the 6th floor of the Executive Tower, in conjunction with the Holiday Inn, represented by GM Kate Gerrits. Most successful, not because nobody fell in, but because the weather was perfect, the orange sunset was magnificent and the food was exceptional. And everyone exchanged business cards.

Chamber members included the British, Australian, German, Mexican (but I saw no sombreros), South African and Belgian-Luxembourg chambers of commerce in Thailand.

(L to R) Graeme Moore, Director of K999 Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd., Dr. Iain Corness from Pattaya Mail and Dennis Hockin, Managing Director of K999 company.

Industrial espionage was the theme of the evening, with Robert Reijnders, the GM from the Amari next door, making valuable contacts, as was the Marriott Courtyard’s Voraruetai Pongisarawanich (Waan), but headed off by the Holiday Inn’s Yuwadee Waisoongnoen and Dueanpen Poolsukkhop (Tuk), and for that matter, GM Kate was also present, keeping the playing field level, after delivering a promised 20 second welcome speech, which actually tailed out to be 25 seconds. (Oh if only all speech givers would adhere to brevity!)

(L to R) Greg Watkins, Executive Director of BCCT, Kevin Tarrant, CEO of One Sport Media Co., Ltd., and Dr. Daniel Moore, Head of School & CEO Bromsgrove International School Thailand.

Many members of the Automotive Focus Group had also signed in, swelling the numbers to being close to 100.

The K Triple 9 were present with Dennis Hockin and Graeme Moore enjoying the hospitality, as was Konstantin Chernyaev from Invest East. Rainer Rossler had the best business card on the evening, in that it told you that Rainer could provide Bangkok Cheap Shipping (dot com) promising express and economy rates. By comparison, Kevin Tarrant, the CEO of One Sport Media Management had a business card that needed an X 20 magnification to read!

(L to R) Boonchoo Yensabai from Boonchoo Counselor Ltd., Brendan Cunningham, Senior Manager Recruitment Service of Adecco Group Consulting Ltd., Edwin Pene, Senior Consultant Recruitment Service of Adecco Group, Pairat Srikluab, Marketing Manager of V. Pack & Move Bangkok Co., Ltd., Jim Holloway, International Advisor V. Pack & Move Bangkok Co., Ltd., and Leonard Melvin Fernando, Green Energy Marketing Thailand Co., Ltd.

The Linked in organization sent a lovely young lady from Singapore, Morakot Choomgrant, to show us what we needed.

CEO of Hemaraj, David Nardone was unable to attend, and was missed, but his staff filled the breech.

A great night and I heard no complaints anywhere.

AmCham Executive Director Judy Benn was host to a most successful networking evening.

Kate Gerrits, General Manager of the Holiday Inn Pattaya, gave the welcoming speech during the monthly Joint Chambers Eastern Seaboard Network event at Holiday Inn Hotel Pattaya.

Jim Holloway, International Advisor V. Pack & Move Bangkok Co., Ltd., and George T. Strampp, managing partner at AMS.

BCCT Executive Director Greg Watkins tries out some of the food put on for chamber members.

David Norcross and Steve Callerame, Senior Writer from Lexicon Business Communications Company.

Konstantin Chernyaev, Executive Director of Invest East Alpha Trade International Co., Ltd., and Amit (Danny) Tivari, Sales Consultant of I-Admin Thailand Ltd.

Katsumi Ueda, General Manager of N.S.L. Construction Co., Ltd., and Sylvie Villeneuve.

(L to R) Dennis Hockin, Managing Director of K999 Company Co., Ltd., Graeme Moore, Director of K999, and Paul Wilkinson.

(L to R) Alain Deurwaerder, vice president of the Belgian-Luxembourg/Thai Chamber of Commerce, Chris Thatcher, vice chairman of BCCT, Simon Matthews from Manpower, Kate Gerrits, General Manager of the Holiday Inn Pattaya, Judy Benn, Executive Director of AmCham, Trevor Ian Dick, Chairman of Australasia Holdings, Ltd., Helmut Buchberger, Director of Singapore-Thai Chamber of Commerce, Apisak Kamwan, Assistant Director of Hemaraj Land and Development Public Company Limited (Thailand), and Leonard Melvin Fernando, Green Energy Marketing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.