A successful cleaning by Green Pattaya


Green Pattaya enjoyed another successful cleaning on the 3rd of May outside the Royal Cliff Condo and the Sheraton Hotel.  This was the 17th successful cleaning in 13 months.

The ditches were full of garbage left behind from the vans and buses parking in the area. A core team of Green Pattaya volunteers gathered 20 bags of plastic, and prevented the garbage from reaching Pattaya’s beaches and eventually being eaten by fish that tourist and residents in Pattaya consume. The area is now clean from garbage, but for how long? This is the third time Green Pattaya has cleaned this area.

Green Pattaya needs help from the Pattaya Community

The Kamala Green Club in Phuket had another successful meeting in April, with two dozen hotel and other entrepreneurs meeting to help clean the beaches on different dates and locations. They also have two full time cleaners working the beaches and the tourist areas every day. Surely this is something the many real estate, hotels and other tourist dependent companies could do in Pattaya?

Green Pattaya needs the business community in Pattaya help to push the tide of garbage back. In places like Rayong and Bang Saray, the beaches are full of rubbish and if Pattaya does not act soon, this is the reality for Pattaya as well.

With the constant construction of new hotels, properties, and tourist attractions, the waste is growing ever quicker and soon the garbage will create health risks to tourists and residents. Small private garbage dumps are growing inside the city and are a direct threat to lives living around them. Can you imagine trying to sell a property next to the garbage dump?

The major sponsors of Green Pattaya so far have been other charities, and a very limited number of companies. However, each cleaning in Pattaya is covered by all the English language media and some Russian media. Surely, the city of Pattaya understands the importance of a green and clean Pattaya that will not cost them almost anything.

Green Pattaya budget is around 1000 THB, collecting 2000 kg of rubbish each month, with the help of volunteers and City Hall. With your help we can have a team of dedicated cleaners helping the Pattaya City hall on a daily basis and it will only cost you a few hundred baht a month.

Get your company human resources manager and public relations department to contact Green Pattaya to book a date and place when your company wants to make an impact in Pattaya. We can also can inform you about sponsor packages and how your company can help Pattaya stay green. Green Pattaya welcomes private sponsors as well and would love to see schools come and educate their children about a green Pattaya.

The next cleaning day is 17 May at Wongamat Beach, Naklua Soi 18, 10.00-12.00. Meet at the Seafood Restaurant on the beach.

Facebook Event https://www.facebook.com/events/257271751122667.

Next cleaning after that is 8 June, World Ocean Day. We want to invite companies and individuals to take part in a massive cleaning around Pattaya. Pick one beach and clean it.

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1402389146709036