A better place to live


To commemorate the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, one community in Pattaya recently came together to improve the area they live and work in.

Just behind Big C Extra, running along Soi Paniad Chang, otherwise known as Soi Yume, there is a community comprising a number of schools and businesses whose students and workers took time of from their studies and their work duties to clean the streets around their community.

Students from the Redemptorist Vocational School for People with Disabilities and Tantrarak School joined together with workers from the Boonthavorn Store and carrying brooms, shovels and black rubbish sacks they set off in different directions to sweep the streets and pick up any discarded rubbish.

A morning without study made these students smile.A morning without study made these students smile.

Local residents came out of their houses and shops to join the students and workers and to provide refreshments as the hours passed and the day got hotter.

Within several hours the streets were cleaner, dozens of sacks and three large rubbish trucks were filled with rubbish, and one area in Pattaya became a much more pleasant place to live and visit.

Fifty students from the vocational school took part in the cleaning.

In case he forgets, the t-shirt will remind him what he is supposed to be doing.

Teachers and students from Tantrarak School.


The workers from Boonthavorn.

With brush in hand, he’s all ready to go.