YWCA donates rice to youth at Yodthong boxing camp


The Y.W.C.A. Bangkok- Pattaya Center, led by Chairwoman Nittaya Patimasongkroh, donates rice to the Sit Yodthong Boxing Camp.

YWCA Bangkok-Pattaya Center presented 100 five kilogram sacks of rice, and a further 9 larger, 49kg sacks of rice to Sit Yodthong Boxing Camp on October 26 as part of its Warm Family Project to help support youngsters from underprivileged families.

YWCA Chairwoman Nittaya Patimasongkroh led the charity delegation, which included Praichit Jaetapai, YWCA environmental committee chairwoman. Nittaya said the donation was meant to support continued Muay Thai education and promote the sport.

Youngsters learn Muay Thai from a master at the Sid Yodthong Boxing Camp.

Led by boxing legend Yodthong Senanan, the camp trains children, some as young as 8, in Muay Thai skills. He often will take in children even if their parents can’t pay, so charity offerings such as that by the Y.W.C.A. really help, he said.

Nittaya said that the association supports the good work of Yodthong: “YWCA donates rice to the camp every year at this time … YWCA also provides annual scholarships for 6 children at the camp as part of the Warm Family Project.”

Yodthong said that there are now 16 young boxers training at the camp.  Many are from other provinces, coming to the camp because their parents are impoverished and unable to support their education.  The camp gives them a place to live, food, and an opportunity to learn Thai boxing.

The children also receive educational support by being sent to learn at Watsuthawas School.  “In the morning these children learn the same as other children. They go to school by bicycle and train to box late in the afternoon,” said Yodthong.