Update on Fah Sai, abandoned 3-year-old girl with cerebral palsy: “Now everything’s coming up roses!”


Jesters Care for Kids Charity Drive 2012 Sponsored by Glencore International and Canadian Jackalope Open

Our team went up to the Camillian Home in Lat Krabang last week, which is a residence and day-visitor center for kids living with HIV and disabilities.

However, the operative word at this facility is ‘disabled’, and that is the area of expertise of the physical therapists resident there. Moreover, many of kids in question are only afflicted with this burden.


We are currently sponsoring 3 kids there; two of them were relocated from the Camillian Social Center in Rayong circa 2008 due to their severe disabilities: Fay, now a 9 year old girl and Tewid, a 14-year-old boy.  These two children are being provided with 24/7 care through a joint venture with the Canadian Jackalope Open.

However, the latest one, Fah Sai, an abandoned child with cerebral palsy; she came from the Hand-to-Hand Foundation, a day-care center in Pattaya only 3 months ago. The occasion of our latest visit there last Wednesday was to help Fah Sai celebrate her 4th birthday.

Earlier this year, we featured her plight in the April 6th issue of the Pattaya Mail (https://www.pattayamail.com/975/community.shtml). For those who might have missed it, Fah Sai was born to drug using/dealing parents, who left her unattended lying on the floor of the drug supplier’s house day in and day out. When both parents were incarcerated for repeat offenses, she became completely neglected until Pai, the director of Hand-to-Hand Foundation, came to her rescue.


Whether Fah Sai was born with cerebral palsy, or dropped on her head and ignored during her miserable beginnings is now a moot point. When Pai found Fah Sai, she had no use of her legs and arms, and could hardly lift her head. She was also mostly mute, except when she was unhappy and crying.

At this stage, she could only drink fluids because the muscles in her neck were never given a chance to develop. It took some time before she could lift her head for short periods and sit up with support that she could then be spoon-fed and swallow solid food.

Eventually, Pai realized that she could not continue the 24/7-care for Fah Sai anymore, as well as knowing that the diminutive girl needed professional help. When she approached us with her dilemma, we, in turn, contacted the Camillian Home staff, who were happy to admit her with open arms. On March 23rd, we took her there and knew straight away that we had found the place.

Fast forward to last week, and what we found was an astonishing transformation!

We could not believe how much Fah Sai had progressed after only 3 months!

She was now expressive, animated, smiling and full of unabandoned laughter. She was vocal too; not only uttering some intelligible words, but also letting out shrieks of pure joy!

Fah Sai can now sit in a chair without straps and feed herself, as well as lift her arms to point at objects she wants. Moreover, the staff says she has started to walk with her feet flat on the floor when held upright by her arms.


The finale of the visit was when we gathered in the canteen along with staff and the rest of kids to celebrate her birthday with cake, song and presents. Once again Fah Sai surprised us by showing she knew how to blow out candles and tear open presents like any other kid on such an occasion. The beauty of it all is that we know she’s going to keep improving.

For someone who suffered most of her young tender life and to see her now in such bliss, it touches our hearts and makes us feel extremely good inside.

And to all of you, our gracious sponsors, who allow children like this to have better lives, we hope you feel the same too. After all, Fah Sai is part of our growing extended family.

A special thanks to Dieter at The Thai in Regensburg, Germany, who helps us raise funds and has taken a special interest in Fah Sai.

If you too would like to help special children, like Fah Sai, please visit us at www.care4kids.info and/or www.facebook.com/jesterscare.forkids.