The Growling Swan now approaching the half million

William, Director Suttatin, Noi, Liab and children are delighted.
William, Director Suttatin, Noi, Liab and children are delighted.

We all know that going to school/college is where we build the foundation which helps to determine where we are going for the rest of our lives. Success at school is helped if the student is happy being a student and that depends on the facilities and friends that we make. When you look at the schools in Pattaya and, having visited most of them, you come away impressed with the excellent facilities that the students enjoy. Good sporting facilities, sports equipment, computers and good surroundings all to help the students in their studies.

But venture a little further away from the centre and the facilities are not in the same league, Wat Weruwanaram School is but one example. A school that is in need of financial help to develop the old facilities for much of the original school has been demolished. There are very few areas for the children to play but, worst of all, the children aged between 4 and 12 years, had no drinking water for this had to be purchased from the local supermarket which leaves less funds for the purchase of text books and other items.

That is where The Growling Swan comes in. Clean drinking water is now available provided by a high tech system which includes UV technology and we even obtained a cooling system which was also attached. Donations made by Peter and his members have reach 484,000 baht, which is an amazing achievement for such a small group of people making donations of just a few baht imposed when something untoward happens on and around a golf course. Most donations have involved providing funds to install water filtration systems which are a major benefit, not only to the students, but to their families who can fill a bottle with water thereby making buying water less of a burden.

Just to complete the programme at this particular school, a net was provided to help the children play a number of sports like badminton, volley ball or perhaps takraw.

The director, Suttatin, teachers and children on hand for the handover on Thursday, May 30, and to welcome William, Liab and representatives from the YWCA. Peter Grey, feeling a little unwell, was unable to attend in person but he will take a keen interest in the events.

Well done everybody at The Growling Swan.