Swimming gala makes a splash


Primary students from Garden International School (GIS) enjoyed a great day by the pool as they took part in their swimming galas.

Students splashed, kicked and paddled their way through a series of challenges, watched by many proud parents.

Year 1 and 2 participated in their own very exciting 2014 inter-house swim gala.

Our aim is to promote participation and enjoyment in sport and in particular swimming. Not only can swimming be fun but it also promotes good health, increases endurance and develops stamina.

Go! Students start a race at the gala.

Students also learnt the importance of sportsmanship and teamwork. They certainly had a carnival atmosphere as they celebrated their learning from the pool as their teachers, parents and peers watched and cheered them on.

Our swimmers certainly demonstrated a variety of skills by participating in events as wide ranging as the motorbike relay, titanic relay, freestyle, breast stroke, butterfly, and doggy paddle.

Almost there! A student nears the finish.Almost there! A student nears the finish.

We were delighted with the support and commitment we received from teachers and parents and we congratulate all the swimmers who participated.

Year 1 and 2 students had the opportunity to demonstrate their outstanding skills during an open race which involved swimming one lap of 25m freestyle.

Swimming with friends is fun.Swimming with friends is fun.

The Year 3 to 6 swimming gala was also a huge success with children showcasing their range of swimming skills while getting into the team spirit and cheering on their classmates. The Year 3 to 6 swim gala showcased some very talented swimmers.

A GIS student demonstrates the butterfly stroke.A GIS student demonstrates the butterfly stroke.

Splash! A GIS student makes her mark at the gala.Splash! A GIS student makes her mark at the gala.