Superb fun to be had at the next St Andrews School Summer Camp


This year St. Andrews will again be hosting their successful summer camp, from Monday 2nd July until Friday 13th July. The camp has been superb fun in the past few years and there is plenty to do for children in a safe environment. In order to optimize their fun we have divided it into three age specific sections:

3-6 Year olds – Play Camp

There are the traditional favourites that our younger camp members enjoy, such as swimming, arts and crafts, bouncy castle, EAL, teddy bears picnic, etc. Last year we had two successful trips to Khao Kheow Zoo and Wiggletown.

Mark hunts down the killer during the murder mystery activity.Mark hunts down the killer during the murder mystery activity.

This year we are including successful aspects of previous years, but also planning to bring in a professional clown and magician among other things – to make the camp even more fun!

7-9 Year olds – Little Nippers Camp

Little Nippers Camp has increased in popularity over the last few years due to the range of activities on offer. They have the chance to participate in the traditional camping events such as fishing, swimming, football, thunder hockey and mountain biking. Last year, we introduced a number of popular events including raft racing, snorkeling (an island off Sattahip), ten pin bowling, overnight camp, zoo, EAL, murder mystery and paintballing. This year we are going to do that and plan to include windsurfing, Ripley Believe it or Not and a trip to the cinema. The camp gives the kids the chance to do activities they have not experienced before, in a fun, safe environment with lots of friends.

10 years old and above – Teen Camp

Teen camp has many features of the Little Nippers Camp – but allows our older campers to compete and socialise with children of their own age. This year there will be fishing, swimming, football, thunder hockey, overnight camp, mountain biking, EAL, raft races, snorkeling, ten pin bowling, murder mystery, paintballing, windsurfing, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, cinema, BB gun, and much more!

Last year’s campers have given nothing but positive reviews of our camp – here are a few comments from them:

“Summer camp was amazing fun last year. There were so many different activities  – a great experience.” – Laila (aged 15)

“We had an awesome time! I can’t decide my favourite activity – probably the paintball or raft races.” – John (aged 14)

“I had a fantastic time with my friends – it was non-stop action packed!  It was so funny when the police came in for the murder mystery day.” – Ariel (aged 13)

“I have been on the camp for the last few years now and it just gets better and better!” – CJ (aged 12)

“Summer camp was great! I won the tenpin bowling trophy.” – Tae Tae (aged 8)

“I had a good time, playing with my friends.” – Chin (aged 7)

“I loved the zoo and making lots of things that we could take home.” -Amy (aged 5)

The camp is an ideal opportunity for the children to have plenty of fun and excitement, whilst building their confidence and forging strong friendships. It will also give the children plenty to do in the long summer holiday ahead! The Summer Camp is open to any children in the area, so please contact the directors directly by email if you would like to find out further details: [email protected] .com or [email protected]

CJ checks that his shelter is waterproofCJ checks that his shelter is waterproof

The warriors are ready for battle.The warriors are ready for battle.

A pile of fun at the Summer Camp.A pile of fun at the Summer Camp.

Lying in wait for their prey.Lying in wait for their prey.

The murder has been solved - the culprit is apprehended.The murder has been solved – the culprit is apprehended.

Taking a powder.Taking a powder.