Students from Regents School continue their good work


For many years the Regents School has played a big part in supporting local charitable organizations here in Pattaya. The Father Ray Foundation has received much support, including regularly welcoming the youngsters from the Father Ray Day Care Center to the Regents Early Learning Center.

The international students have also visited the School for the Blind and the Vocational School for People with Disabilities, but a lot of their work has been at the Father Ray Children’s Village.

It’s a very hot day but the students are working very hard.It’s a very hot day but the students are working very hard.

A brand new sports court is under construction at the Village, sponsored jointly by the Regents School and Jesters Care for Kids and the annual Picnic in the Park will take place there in May.

The latest group of students to visit the Village arrived with buckets of paint, brushes and rollers and spent three day painting the boundary wall from a drab grey to a dazzling white, complete with the school’s emblem.

Showing the students a different side to Pattaya and getting them involved in charity work will go towards ensuring they grow into responsible members of society.

The students leave their mark.The students leave their mark.

Even the teachers get involved.Even the teachers get involved.