Star GIS students gain IB Diploma


Talented students from Garden International School (GIS) are celebrating excellent examination results – which included some remarkable personal triumphs.


A total of 14 GIS students who took the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) have been awarded the full Diploma, including one student who returned to re-sit an examination. This overall pass rate of 78 percent is in line with the global average, a sign that GIS is continuing to meet international standards. It also shows a slight increase from last year’s results.

Mona gained the highest GIS score for IB this year.Mona gained the highest GIS score for IB this year.

The grades do not always tell the complete story though, and that is the case with one student. It was a tale of triumph over adversity for Korean student Kyoung Jun Lee (Paul), who achieved the Diploma despite having to overcome significant medical conditions and challenges, including cerebral palsy. Paul worked tirelessly to achieve his goals and was awarded 27 points out of 45. Students must score 24 to gain the Diploma.

Ian Fraser, IB Coordinator at GIS, said: “For Paul to achieve the IB Diploma is a truly incredible achievement. It shows how hard work and sheer determination really can pay off. We are very proud that GIS was able to help Paul and this result is also a credit to the dedicated teachers and staff we are fortunate to have. Well done Paul!”

Another great result was achieved by Monisha Punjabi (Mona). Mona, who has only just turned 17, was given the top IB score in GIS with 41 points, which included three maximum scores of 7. She also gained the three maximum bonus points for her Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay work.

Another GIS star student, Rohit Ghosh, was given 39 points, a great achievement as Rohit chose extremely challenging subjects that included Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, all at Higher Level. The third-highest score was achieved by Lucas Akesson, who was awarded 38 points.

A former GIS student, Sandy Stuvik, returned to take his Mathematics examination and now has also gained the Diploma. He missed an earlier examination due to his European F3 motor racing commitments. Sandy currently leads the championship.

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is the world’s premier pre-university course and begins in Year 12. Students have to study across a range of six subjects and also complete community-based activities and other tasks. The IB Diploma Programme is ideal for students who aim to further their studies at leading universities worldwide, including Thailand. Founded in 1968, there are around 1 million IB students at 3,440 schools in 141 countries across the world.

Garden International School, which is based in Ban Chang near Pattaya, began offering the IB Diploma in 1998 and is one of the most-established IB centres in the region. For more on Garden, which celebrates 20 years of academic excellence this year, visit

Paul overcame incredible challenges to complete his Diploma.Paul overcame incredible challenges to complete his Diploma.

Rohit was awarded an impressive 39 points.Rohit was awarded an impressive 39 points.