St Andrews International School to start innovative hovercraft build project


“We may not be able to make them fly, but we can make them hover,” Nick Frost, Secondary Science teacher at St. Andrews International School.

Science is all around us and therefore, we believe that it should be taught both in and out of the classroom. The Science Department, along with a group of parents and students from St Andrews, is certainly taking this to new heights with their innovative Hovercraft Build project.

The ‘Hoverbuild Team’, as they are now called, is comprised of teachers, students and parents who will work collaboratively outside of the normal classroom hours to complete a fully functioning hovercraft capable of travelling at speeds of 50 to 60 km/hr both on land and water.

The Hovercraft build will begin in the next few weeks.The Hovercraft build will begin in the next few weeks.

The central idea behind the initiative is to enhance what St Andrews International School already has: strong links with our parents, who are ready to work with teachers and students to ensure that students receive a first class education that extends beyond the classroom.

The Science Department will teach the principals of how a hovercraft works, but freely admits that this is where their skills end. Then, expert parents will take over and help teachers and students to build the hovercraft. Within any large school there are parents with so many varied skills and talents that are not utilized as much as they could be by a school. However, St Andrews is continuing to strengthen the links with parents who have building, furniture making, mechanical and boat building skills and can help to build the hovercraft outside of lesson time.

Mr. Frost, who is leading this project said, “The project we believe is the first of its kind in the area and perhaps in all of Thailand, so we are proud of the level of support shown by the students and parents that are helping to make this unique project happen.”

In order to fund this project, teachers and students are busy raising money through activities such as a cyclathon where students and teachers will ride circuits of the golf cause at St Andrews, and a Ten Pin Bowling event on the 29th November at Blu-o Bowling at the Avenue Pattaya, where cash and spot prizes are up for grabs. This event is open to all who wish to take part and therefore help us reach our goal. ja0VkaUVQMEk/view?usp= sharing ENqcnltTTQ/view?usp=sharing

In addition to these events many local organisations and generous parents have kindly made donations to the project. For example ‘Sail in Siam’ have donated a ‘Bic Sport Adventure’ canoe which will be auctioned off in a blind auction.

If anyone reading this article is interested in getting involved in this project or has skills that you are happy to share with our students (e.g. fibre glassing) please feel free to contact nfrost@ for more details.

The finished craft should hover about sometime early in 2016, so keep your eyes out for a strange looking craft hovering past, proudly displaying a St. Andrews International School logo.